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ECG Summery

Hello !!

We want to give you a smal impression of the "European Cosplay Gathering Finals" and the experiences we have made :D

First of all it was totally amazing to meet so many cosplayers from all over europe and to see how diffrent cosplaying in each country is.


The Airport in Paris had some computer/organisation problems and no airplanes were able to get there (from all europe). So it was very chaotic (on the airport, in our heads and in ECG Organisation). We all were supposed to arrive in paris until 3pm and... finally some teams arrived at midnight ^^'
Traveling home on monday was no problem, everything worked fine~

Japan Expo:

We've never been there before and it was so huge and impressive and so many tings to discover *.*
We really loved it ^^ and we hope to get there next year again, not as ECG Representatives but as usual visitors.

What we liked the most were the traditional and at the same time the most modern stuff of japan (like samurai, kimono, robotic things, games, etc).
Hmmm~ and the food was so delicious and right next to the expo a "Comicon" xD newest games like Zelda, Resident Evil - new Movies like The Green Lantern, Harry Potter. So cool with great show effects and entertainment. You could make photos with Chewbacca of Star Wars *-*

Cosplay on Japan Expo:
We would like to try to compare it with the german cosplay scene~
there were not so many cosplayers like in germany so you will be more photographed.
but a lot of Crossplaying :D
A diffrens is for example the changing room on the japan expo, that was really great so you dont have to dress up in the restrooms.... xD and there were many possibilites to get professional photos with blackscreen and stuff like this. awesome ^:^//
and oh, a lot of cosplay competitions ~ like the "1000 Cosplay Stage" (Cosplay around the clock ^.~)
and the extrem awesome (!!) "comicon cosplay contest" (only for games, movies, comics :D) Mareike really adored that one ^^ IronMan Performance... just btw ^.~

ECG Backstage:
We got an VIP Pass and a special VIP shuttle from hotel to Japan Expo. Awesome :DD
On Japan Expo we had our own area (only for VIPs x3) to dress up and getting ready for the day and a drink-food-buffet :D Aileen really adored this xD
we had time to talk to every member of the ecg (cosplayer and staff) and everyone helped everyone to get ready :)
There was never a feeling of being in comparison, so we understand each other very well and had a lot of fun in the hotel and backstage at the japan expo.

Stage and Performance:

the stage was so cool xD a bit smaller then expected but still great (with carpet oO never saw this before but well... we couldn't slip *gg*) there were 4 screens and an impressive light construcion~
The staff was very professional it was a lot of fun to watch them screaming and yelling and whatever xD

To our performance in detail:

friday evening was a first rehearsal with light, sound and videoclip/camera catch.
we had to explain our light scip and sounds and everything.
yeah but... there appeared many problems. the first rehearsal was very diffrent from the second one, which took place at saturday morning (an hour before final...).
the light was not as we wanted it to be, and you could only get just the movie clip or just the camera catch on the 4 screens. (you couldn't split it into 2:2 screens.) we had to descide between this options but we planned to have both... so, it was really upsetting.
we gave the staff the points in time to change light and from movie clip to camera catch. oh it was so stressful xD
the final performance was not like we expected it to be but we're still satisfied.

for you to see :D


The winner in group: Portugal      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5WMN9oCZic
The winner in single: Italy              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohlNheF6tg0

congratulation to all of you !! ^o^// your performances were so amazing (we saw them backstage on our private screens x3)

it was a grat experience and it helped us a lot in increasing our skills.
we met so many nice persons and got a lot of new friends (greetings to everyone at this point :o feel hugged from the germans :DD )
the first ECG was very good but of course still with a few issues.
so... we're ready for the next competitions ^_~///

Gretz from us !!
Mareike and Aileen

It's already over ^^;

Sorry for posting nothing so far, but the last days where even harder than getting a costume done ^^;
It started with a big chaos at the airports (not only for us, but also for most other teams) because of Air France having big system problems and many delated or even cancelled flights.
I will write a proper report about the first ECG finals when I'm back at home, but I can tell you a few things:

We draw startnumber 2 for group and 7 for solo, but since it was always group/solo/group/solo Mareike and Aileen performed as 4th and I was #13 on stage.
Luckily we're happy we performed well and got good feedback afterwards.

But I guess you'd rather want to know who won... So, the winner for the first final of the European Cosplay Gatherin in Paris are:

Solo - Elena from Italy with Minerva from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Group - Leandro and Ana from Portual as Shaolan and Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

They all won a trip to Japan.

We're having a lot of fun here (beside the stress) and already plan to visit us in our countries XD

Ok, expect a better report this week (including some photos of course)

Let's go...

Just a few hours 'til my flight to Paris leaves Munich and I've got everything packed now... Rapunzel's almost done, just a few details on the skirt are missing.
We made my wig last weekend and my best friend saved my life again (she already saved me with making my audio and recording my voice)

Ok, I'll bring following costumes:

Thursday - On our free day I will wear a borrowed costume from a dear friend, which means I'll visit Japan Expo as Ranka from Macross Frontier together with my boyfriend as Alto (also in a borrowed costume)
We both hadn't enough time to make extra costumes for this and since we both like MF and already planned to do Alto and Ranka one day this was the best idea I guess XD

Friday - Interview day. I've wanted something comfortable for this and since I wanted to bring at least one game and one anime/manga costume I've chosen Juliet from Romeo X Juliet. It's nothing really spectacular, but I like it ^^

Satuday - The Big Day!!! I'll wear Rapunzel and I hope everything will turn out nicely. I'm so scared parts of my costume (mostly the wig) will be destroyed at the flight >___<

Sunday - Time for photoshootings and since a game costume's missing this is the day for Yuna from FFX again.

Since I should get at least a little bit sleep (although I'm not sleepy at all) this will be all for now, but the hotel we're going to stay in has internet, so I want to make daily reports here about what happened so far ^o^
I'm looking forward to finally meet everyone in Paris <3

Update on Rapunzel ^^

Just in time... Tomorrow I'll leave for my very first vacation in years and I'm so looking forward to it ^o^
Of course I still have enough to do on Rapunzel and so I'll take my new skirt with me.

Ok... I've finished the new sleeves, but I still have to finish a few things on the top. Add elastics to the sleeves, add buttons and buttonholes on the back and dye the lower lace pale pink. And I have to trim the underskirt and finally add the lace XD
Shouldn't take longer than a few hours I guess, so I'll first finish the skirt.

The skirt got named 'Pascal', because of a funny story XD
The fabric I got me is a mix of cotton and silk and it's beautiful ^^ When I got it it was pale pink, so I had to dye it. But on the first try ended with a dotted fabrich. So I first bleached it and instead of turning pale pink or white it turned blue O___o So I bleached it a second time and it turned white, then very pale pink and then... blue again O_____O
So I just tried to dye it and it turned out so beautiful ^^
Well - that's why my skirt got the name Pascal... XD

And now a few pictures under the cut ^^
Rapunzel progressCollapse )

As you might already guess - Rapunzel is the costume I've chosen for the contest itself. Since it's still so much to do on Rapunzel I don't know if I can make another new costume in time.
I hope I can make at least one additional costume, otherwise I have to bring 'old' costumes with me. One of them would be Yuna again I guess, but I still don't know what to choose as third costume ^^;

OK, I'll post a new picture of the skirt when I'm back <3


Hey everyone ^^

Me and Aileen would like to introduce ourselves.

Hi! We are Aileen and Mareike! xD

Mareike is an 22 years old architecture student and she lives in Darmstadt in a flat sharing community.
Aileen is a 21 years old veterinary assistant and she lives near Frankfurt with her family.
We know eachother about 12 years now ^-^ and are "cosplaying" together since 2004.
So we are overhappy to represent Germany in the group contest ^//^

2003 we visited the "AnimagiC" (one of the biggest conventions in Germany) and saw so many people in costumes who had been stunned us at all.
2004 we had planned to sew our own costumes and it was a great feeling and experience. That was the moment we acquired the taste for cosplay ^^.

Like you know, we wore Komugi-chan and Koyori from "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan" for the prelim but finally we had a shooting and here is a first result :D

If you would like to see more, visit the following link :D

there are many good pictures ;)

First costume for ECG

Hi, it's me again XD

Wow, the last two weeks were pretty hard... First I had to finish my costume for Animuc (well, more or less - you'll see later) and then it was just one week 'til Hanami including two shifts over night to get friday off from work.
Anyway - I promised to show you the first costume I'll bring with me to Paris after Animuc and here it is:

Rapunzel from Disneys Tangled

I love Disney. I grew up with the movies and I always loved the songs and stories. And of course I always wanted to do at least one Disney cosplay. Actually I always thought the first will be Mulan since she's been my favorite heroine for many, many years. Or maybe Giselle from Enchanted (the pink dress from the beginning).
And now it's Rapunzel from the newest movie XD

Sadly I'm not all satisfied with the costume and will have to work on it a lot, but I'm glad I've been able to wear it a first time to see what I have to change (and to see if it looks good on me XD)

Progress stuff under the cutCollapse )

Hello ^^

Hi everyone,

my name is Daniela, I'm 29 years old and live in Munich in Germany.
I'm very proud I've been selected to represent Germany in the single contest in Paris for the ECG.

Actually I've started cosplay in fall 1999, but since I've joined a showgroup right away my first costumes were stage costumes. In 2004 (five years later) I've started to make Cosplay costumes instead of stage costumes and with every costume I've learned something new (and am still learning that way)
I've chosen Yuna from Final Fantasy X for the German prelim because it's one of my best costumes and I already had a performance I could use. Yuna was made in 2008 and I wore it for the final round at DCM (German Cosplay Championship - the biggest German contest). Sadly I had to wear it unfinished, but I wanted to show the performance. I finished it for Animuc near Munich in fall 2009 and wore it again for a nice shooting and two or three other convention afterwards.

It took me about 2 years to plan the costume and another year to actually make it. But it was worth it ^^
You can find pictures of my costumes at my deviantART page -> Kairi-Heartless

I will post progress shots and reference pictures later. Right now I'm working on a costume I'll bring with me to Paris, but I'll already wear it at Animuc this year (which is in about two weeks) and it's a secret 'til then. So... expect progress shots and shots of the (almost) finished costume then ^.~

I'm looking forward to meet many of you in Paris and to have a great time there <3


ECG Team Germany

Hi everybody :D
We are the ECG Team for Germany 2011!

Daniela represents Germany in the single contest
She wore Yuna Summoner for the prelim

Aileen will represent Germany in the group contest ^-^!

We wore Koyori (Mareike left) and Komugi ( Aileen right) from Witch Nurse Komugi-chan!

Now we decided to make a LJ to give you updates for our preparations for the Finals!

We are excited to meet all the other Cosplayers!

greez Team Germany!



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